Century of the Selfie


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"The inspiration behind the song “Century of the Selfie” comes, frankly, from a feeling of almost overwhelming helplessness and weakness in the face of cultural industries constantly soliciting us to participate, “click here,” “like” this, and so on. The “selfie” in the title refers, of course, to the ubiquitous contemporary spectacle of self-portraiture. The song neither affirms nor condemns this practice in itself, but deploys it — and various ideas and images hovering around it — as a metaphor for our time. On the surface of things, we are apparently enjoying ourselves in a new age of cultural and personal expression, of freedom and connectivity through social media and related technologies. But this connectivity, when one peels back just a few layers, inevitably reveals itself as so often yet another consumerist fantasy, and one that leaves the consumer feeling cheated and angry with oneself for falling for its ruse. The song confronts the negativity of this feeling, and it attempts to wrest something creative and transformative from it. It is about honestly, and ironically, responding to the frustrations of realizing that one is sometimes all too complicit in one’s own exploitation."-Birdwise


released December 13, 2015

Birdwise - Guitars & Vocals
Tashi - Guitars
Phil - Drums
Handreaux - Bass

Engineering & Mixing: Matt Connell at Northwood Studios
Mastering: Dave Williams at Rock Among Us



all rights reserved


HUMANITIES Toronto, Ontario

Dissonant Dirge Rock

Humanities combine musical ferocity with thoughtful lyrics resulting in angry, poetic dirges. The songs weave dissonant melodies with heavy hitting riffs, and lyrics that muse on the world itself in crisis.

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Track Name: Century of the Selfie


Your masks are in fashion
And your lies are too
(In fact) you only tell the truth
When your lips are sealed

Seeing eye to I
You’ve got your role
You’re in control
You’re not in control

Playtime’s just begun
Now playtime’s over
You’re on your own again
In front of everyone

This is a new century
And you’re a citizen
In this brave new world
In this brave new world


Because time is money
Because talk is cheap
A picture is worth
A thousand useless words

Your narcissism
And your obsessions
Some sweet rewards
For all the work you’ve done

You’re in control
You’re not in control
You’re in control
You’re not in control


Everything is fine
With every lie
Everything I spy

Everything is fine
Everything is fine
Everything is
Everything is fine